Original Ford Parts

With over 6700 stock parts optimized according to the need of a specialist Ford service and according to market demands, Neste International is one of the largest suppliers of original parts in this segment.

Neste International SRL offers its customers over 470,000 original Ford parts in stock and on external order in 5 business days.

The current stock of parts available on the same day is currently over 6700 benchmarks and is constantly increasing and optimizing in accordance with the likelihood of customer demand.

For an accurate identification of the requested landmark we offer the services of the Offering Department consisting of 5 persons.

Neste international is constantly striving to reduce the time offered and to strengthen the collaboration relationships with existing clients by providing complete, fast and reliable information on the required references.

Being in the same group of companies with Neste Automotive Dealer Ford, in the case of Ford service customers we can implement the Ford Partner program. This offer quarterly rebates for the purchase of original Ford parts in two volume ceilings.

The complete range of original Ford parts can be accessed through the B2B Online Platform in which Neste International is a partner. Access to the platform can be done by accessing https://e.neste.ro by logging in with the user and password provided by the sales consultants following the conclusion of the collaboration contract with Neste International.

Our participation in this platform is with information access in two separate administrations.

Also through https://e.neste.ro you can query any code from the Neste International portfolio and you can issue the firm order for delivery in 5 working days.

To facilitate quick access to information, within https://e.neste.ro you can access the section Request for offer. By filling in the form with the VIN of the car and the requested parts, the offer request will be sent automatically to the identification department and to the sales manager.

Thus, we want all the people involved to be connected to the request of offer that was generated.